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I take 3–4 international trips per year, and I usually spend a day and sometimes a day and a half on the actual flight and on layovers. When you are strapped into a seat or in the airport waiting to board your plane, you have to have some coping methods to get you thru until you reach your destination.

Below are some of my travel essentials; hopefully they can help you with your long-haul travels.

Comfortable Travel Outfits

No matter what the climate is going to be when you arrive at your final destination you need to prepare for the temperature on your flight. Airports and airplanes seem always to be cold. So make sure you consider this when flying. With this in mind, layer your clothing. Instead of packing those bulky items layer them or a sarong that can double as a light blanket. Opting for layers means you can add and remove with ease.

Below is my ideal wardrobe when flying. I need to be comfortable and prepared. This wardrobe keeps me warm on the plane and allows for me to remove a layer so I can be cool while in the airport or on my way to my final destination.

T-shirtI’m cool with one with or without sleeves since I have a jacket and a scarf I don’t have a problem staying warm.

Leggings or yoga pants — I like my legs to be covered, so I opt for leggings or yoga pants. If I do opt for a pair of jeans, it would be a pair of boyfriend jeans and would only wear them on shorter flights or some jeggings. Jeans tend to lose their comfortability on long-haul flights.


scotte vest hoodieTravel Jackets & Hoodies Hoodies or a cardigan. Of course, a hoodie can cover your head and ears and give added warmth. Opt for a travel jacket that can offer comfort and protection. I have a Scotte Vest jacket or hoodie, and it is highly functional and comfortable. Get a 30% discount on your first purchase.


Scarf or Sarong
— A Scarf or a Sarong can double as a blanket and a cover for your eyes if you forget your eye mask.

Your most space-consuming shoes — This is where you want to wear your most space — consuming shoes. This will give you more room in your luggage. I would not recommend wearing heels on the plane for long- haul flights, but if that’s your thing. Do you Boo!

Backpack or purse — A backpack or a purse is essential. I have all my in-flight necessities in it. A change of clothes in case my luggage get’s lost, electronics, toiletries, and snacks. Having these items with me means that I have easy access to the things I need most under the seat in front of me.

October 10, 2018 by Edwina Warder