Why You Should Not Put Your Passport In Your Carry-on Luggage

When you show up at the airport most people make sure they have their passport in a place that is easily accessible. Once you check in, you may get comfortable and put your passport inside your carry-on luggage.

There are several reasons why you should not do this. Picture this…There have been many times when I have flown and the airlines wanted to speed up the boarding process or realized the flight is booked to capacity and want travelers to check their luggage before boarding. Yes, if you happen to fly on one of the budget airlines the same scenario may happen to you. You may have to check luggage that you otherwise did not expect to check.

Imagine reaching your destination and not having your passport when it’s time to go through customs. Some airports require passengers to go through customs prior to retrieving their luggage. You may not get the luxury of an airport employee retrieving your gate-checked luggage. No passport, no getting through customs.

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One Traveler told Telegraph Travel he was “detained” at border control at the London Stansted airport and had to phone a friend to collect his bag from the carousel and return it to the passport kiosk.

“I had to wait behind the line at the desk until a friend brought me my passport. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise,” The Telegraph reported about a traveler who was separated from his passport. “Airlines should tell you to keep your passport with you when they take your bag.”

If you find yourself in this predicament, you will be at the mercy of airport employees, border control, and any policies they may have of which you may not be aware. 

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Solution: One of the ways I make sure to have my passport available at all times is to put it in my jacket. I’m currently obsessed with my ScotteVest jacket and hoodie. Most of the pockets on ScotteVest apparel are strategically placed inside the jacket with zippers. Inside pockets with zippers mean your passport is secure and safe.

So, to avoid not having your passport when you need it, make sure you keep your passport on your person, i.e. your small handbag, fanny pack, in your backpack, or secure in a zipper pocket in your jacket. 
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November 16, 2018 by Edwina Warder

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