“If you have the privilege of being born a black woman, it is my belief, that it is a part of your divine mission to liberate yourself from all external and internalized oppression and thereby liberate the world.” -Ama Yawson



In the space of innate desire to reflect our Black culture beyond our skin even when we travel, Noir Girl Magic™ was shaped. Globetrotting Black folk in small groups do stand out when traveling internationally outside of Africa. While, it’s par for the course, we are subject to the cultural misnomers and assumptions as we move about adorning Eurocentric brands. It wasn’t until we found this “must have” luggage that bore the silhouette of what we thought a Black woman, did I realize our thirst to reflect our culture in our travel accessories.

A noun adjective and adverb, Noir Girl Magic™ is essence, attitude, style, culturally reflective, community-rooted, shades of black, global nomadic way of being.

From a carry-on, luggage tag or flyy cosmetic bag to a comfortable fashionable jacket, tee, or leggins, there are so many ways Noir Girl Magic™ weaves Black culture in your local and global travel experiences. Dogmatic in delivering quality in product and experience, Noir Girl Magic™, whether understated or shade-needing-hot, authentically stirs the uniquely familiar magic in you.

Birthed in early 2017, Noir Girl Magic™ evolved as an extension of eBiz Travel’s Noir Girl Travel Meetup where women (and men) of color who love international travel networked. Noir Girl Magic™ was supposed to just be a logo for the travel group, but that magic began to stir. Within the revelation of an innate desire to see our Black culture reflected in our travel accessories as we globe-trot and opportunity, Noir Girl Magic™ was birthed.

“When it comes to style, I’m a creature of habit; comfortable. Jeans, sweats, t-shirts , sneakers, big earrings, easy hair, travel. Comfort is everything to me, so luckily my everyday wear works well with my travel life; Pack a bag, grab a flight, and experience. Who says being comfortable can’t be culturally fashionable, too?”

- Wina