Joseph Learning Lab

Joseph Learning Lab

 Our mission is to close the learning gap, reduce the dropout rate, and develop students of all ages and diverse backgrounds by allowing them an equal opportunity to learn and grow.

A few years ago, we decided to take our Adopt-A-School Program, which was a volunteer tutoring program for a local inner city school to another level. This was done to help children who become disinterested and begin to formulate ideas about dropping out of school because they are being left behind the learning curve.

We decided to do a business plan to start an educational outreach nonprofit organization with a vision to close the learning gap and reduce the dropout rate. Our organization was certified as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in 2015. Since then we have been working diligently in underserved communities to“Help A Child Learn”

We are committed to reach underprivileged children and use our comprehensive educational programs in a learning environment that integrates technology into the curriculum. This is in addition to the hands on, in-depth course work instruction that is provided by qualified tutors to assist with homework, mentoring, vocational training, art learning tools, cultural enrichment, computer skills training, real life skills training, fun Fit-Sports to address the nation’s obesity issue, summer enrichment programs and field trips designed to allow children opportunities to participate in activities beyond their communities.

We partner with community leaders, educators, volunteers, Equity Access Parent Council in the school district, Children’s Defense Fund “Freedom Schools” and adopted an elementary school to tutor students in after school sessions/provide backpacks/supplies/field trips and mentor children to enable nurturing relationships so they can learn and grow into productive individuals.

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